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  1. Team building activities devised by us aim to built one of th e most important aspect of human psychology TRUST we feel that the 1st step to happy vibrant and productive team is abundance of trust between members and also towards the organization. Positive and healthy Interpersonal relations will flow out of a feeling of trust which translates in increased confidence and a sense of being valued resulting into vibrant and thinking minds who are eager to contribute and achieve common goals. Now the big question how people develop trust? Let us go back to our childhood why is it that we trust our parents, siblings and childhood friends? Don’t we go out of our way to help our school time friends? Why so? Well the answer lies in basic human emotions. The strongest connections are cemented by sharing emotions. Two people who laugh, cry, experience fear and excitement together tend to develop strong bonds and connect better in all situations. Theorists such as Thayer, Newman and McClain explained that emotion is related to motivation in such a way that human beings tend to execute things that we hope would lead to happiness, satisfaction and any other positive emotions at some degree. With this said, emotions could be viewed as a reward or punishment for a specific motivated behavior. Emotions play a decisive role in a group of people. Do emotions flow openly in the crowded demanding environment at the work place? SURELY NOT.
  1. The office setting are tailor made for work. The official stamp forces restricted interactions between employs. How appropriate to say that being a human is so difficult in the Office!   In the race to prove one’s own worth, people forget about working in teams because they would rather work individually to show case themselves and their individual capabilities. For teams to be productive as a group they need to bond and connect, collective happiness must matter more than individual’s happiness.
  1. With above thoughts in mind we have devised a no of capsules of varied duration with an aim to convert weak links between members of teams into strong bonds which integrate teams and builds camaraderie.
  1. With above in mind and once we interact with you to know the issues which can be addressed by our team outings we will select suitable team building capsule, find a suitable location and decide on timings and mode of transport etc.
  1. Capsules will include some of the activities which are meant for team leaders, some for individuals and a large no of activities for teams. Some of these activities will include:-